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Benefits of Regulatory Publishing Services

Using our secure FTP site, files can be transferred back to clients within minutes

There are many benefits of working through BioVentures Consulting Limited regulatory publishing services.

These include:

  • Regulatory publishing flexibility – Outsourcing submissions is becoming increasingly popular with pharmaceutical companies of all sizes. Our flexible approach to submission outsourcing means that whether you’re looking to outsource only one submission (if your department is at a stretch) or all EU submissions (if you don’t have a dedicated publishing team), we are able to help.
  • Regulatory publishing convenience and cost – Outsourcing your submissions to BioVentures Consulting Limited means that there are no recruitment or staff accommodation costs, no strain on your IT support and no need to purchase and train your staff to use expensive publishing software.
  • Regulatory publishing transparent pricing structure – we do not charge by the hour for publishing services, instead we offer a fixed cost depending on the size of the submission and the turnaround time required. Please contact us for a full list of services and costs.
  • Regulatory publishing speed of regulatory publishing – Using our secure FTP site, files can be transferred back to clients within minutes. We pride ourselves on always delivering to agreed publishing deadlines, however tight they might be. For last minute submissions we offer an out-of-hours UK based publishing service - If all of your submission documents are sent to us by 5pm, we will use best endeavours to have the submission available for your collection first thing the next morning (or Monday for Friday hand-offs).

For more information contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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