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The Application of Strong Scientific Understanding

Managing the plan

Once a well-integrated global project plan has been constructed it needs to be managed through to successful delivery. This involves a day-to-day interaction with cross-functional project members (who, in mid-sized and large pharma companies are usually involved in one or two other projects with differing perceived priorities) in order to keep the project on-track. A day by day task list should be presented and tasks communicated, and the critical path highlighted openly to the project team.

It involves the need for tact, diplomacy, technical know-how

Day-to-day tasks need to be managed through to ensure there is no slippage. The project plan may need to be re-worked to respond to progress or unexpected issues, and the plan re-communicated and reinforced.

The full ownership and management of a global plan is both a time consuming and a highly skilled role. It involves the need for tact, diplomacy, technical know-how, a detailed understanding of the drug development process and the ability to communicate at all levels in the organisation. However, a well-managed plan can bring significant credibility to both senior management stakeholders and external organisations in being able to predict the final delivery date with considerable accuracy, compared with initial baseline expectations. BioVentures Consulting Limited is highly experienced in managing global project plans through to completion.

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