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How BioVentures Consulting Ltd works with you

BioVentures Consulting Limited engages directly with clients and offers the services of Stephen Rees, or agreed associates, on an interim contract or consultancy basis, through a combination of both off-site and on-site delivery. Stephen believes flexibility is an important attribute in the modern services industry and hence offers a personalised and tailored approach which best meets individual clients’ needs.

A transparent and clear brief if developed which ensures project deliverables are completed to high quality, on time and within budget, and that expectations are met in full. Assignments have ranged from 2 days (sketching out a product development route) to 5 years (taking a product from End of Phase II to product Approval and line extension planning).

Stephen Rees also works alongside a ‘tried and tested’ team of consultants, each experts in their own disciplines, who are also personal friends (believing that people who like working together can form the most effective teams!) For example, BioVentures Consulting regulatory operations and publishing output is delivered by working alongside Mark Willoughby via an established agreed alliance relationship.

BioVentures Consulting Ltd offers a full Regulatory Affairs and Regulatory Operations service, which to date has an outstanding track record of delivering successful development and life-cycle management projects.

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